Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who goes there?

Tail-wagging baby otter enjoys her milk

Pearl the baby otter is being cared for at Wild Animal World in Miami, Florida.

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Uncle's attempt at amusing baby niece backfires

Chris Swann from Birmingham, England, was visiting his grandparents’ home with family last weekend.

During the visit he attemped to amuse his sister Elizabeth’s nine-month-old baby Alice. It probably could have gone better.

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Seagull performs a happy little dance for treats

I previously posted a video of this seagull at New Quay in Ceredigion, Wales, who dances on command, last year.

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Man arrested after allegedly attempting to scan his genitals at grocery store

A Seattle man is facing an indecent exposure charge after allegedly attempting to scan his genitals at a grocery store on Wednesday afternoon. According to police, Christian Fisher, 31, entered the Quality Food Center market in Capitol Hill at around 5pm and proceeded to a self-checkout scanner. He then summoned over a female employee, a Seattle Police Department report states.

When the woman approached Fisher, officers noted, “she saw that his penis was out on the stand.” The employee said she “reacted with surprise,” which caused Fisher to laugh. A male employee said that when he saw his female coworker “reacting to something on the checkout stand,” he “walked over to see what the issue was.” The “issue,” he told police, was Fisher’s penis, which was “resting on top of the scanner.”

The suspect, the report notes, “was laughing and did not make any attempts to stow away his blatantly exposed genitalia.” Fisher fled the business before police arrived, but he returned several hours later and was confronted by workers who recognised him from the earlier incident. Fisher, officers say, ignored employee demands that he leave the store and got into a shoving match with security trying to escort him from the premises.

Police subsequently apprehended Fisher about a block from the store. Told that he was under arrest for indecent exposure, Fisher “became agitated and yelled ‘I didn’t whip my cock out!’” He was later booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count and an assault rap. According to jail records, Fisher’s arrest on Wednesday night was his fourth this month. He has previously faced on burglary, assault, and obstruction charges.

Man who broke into home before eating a piece of string cheese and passing out arrested

A man was arrested after breaking into a woman's home in Roseburg, Oregon, on Wednesday.

Police say Michael Ray Dimock, from Roseburg, climbed onto the garage overhang at the residence and broke two windows and three window screens.

"He entered through one of the windows, ate a piece of string cheese from the refrigerator and passed out on the living room floor from intoxication," police said.

29-year-old Dimock was charged with Burglary I, Theft III and Criminal Mischief II and lodged at the Douglas County Jail.

House on fire swept away in floodwaters

A house burning ferociously was washed away in floodwaters on Thursday afternoon in the worst floods to hit West Virginia in a century.

Amanda Carper posted the video to Facebook with the message: "Please everyone pray!!! We are stuck in the car with our precious dogs". The flaming house brushed past trees before colliding with a bridge in White Sulphur Springs.

"Please pray for our neighbours. They are trapped in their attic with small children," Ms Carper added. "Our other neighbours are on their kitchen counter." Ms Carper later wrote that she is now safe at a friend's home.

YouTube link. Amanda Carper's original Facebook video.

At least 20 people have died in the flooding, and hundreds more rescued from homes filling up with water. National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Pereira said West Virginia had received a quarter of its annual rainfall in a single day.

Little dog that fell into toilet rescued by firefighter

A firefighter in China rescued a little dog that fell into a squat toilet.

The unfortunate incident happened at its owner's home in Mengzi, southwest Yunnan Province.

As the dog peered from inside the latrine, the firefighter reached inside to pull it up through the hole.

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The yelping, but apparently unhurt bedraggled canine, was then reunited with its grateful owner.

Copulating couple on arch of bridge shut down Autobahn

A drunk 28-year-old man and his equally inebriated 18-year-old girlfriend clambered onto one of the arches of the Kaiserlei Bridge in Frankfurt, Germany, at around 11am on Thursday.

“They didn’t just enjoy the view,” according to police. Drivers approaching the bridge, which crosses the Main river, spotted the couple and alerted the local police.

Officers decided they would have to close down two lanes of the Autobahn in order to make room for the ladders which fire services used to approach the love-makers.

Shortly after, the firemen managed to bring the pair back to the ground, and within 20 minutes traffic was running as normal. After taking down their details, officers sent the couple away with an order not to return to the scene of the crime.

Mystery behind dead cat that caused brewery strike solved

The mystery behind a photograph taken in the 1920s showing workers striking over the dismissal of a felllow employee due to a dead cat being found in a vessel of beer at a brewery has been solved.

90-year-old Victor Crowe says that the gentleman with the flat cap and patch over one eye, holding a placard at the front was his father. “I remember him telling me about the walk-out.

“This resulted in the worker being reinstated,” said Victor. His father, Albert Daniel Crowe, worked at the big Anchor Brewery, the home of Bullards, in Norwich, Norfolk, where the strike took place.

The men worked hard in tough conditions and they stood up for their rights. “Cats were part of the workforce. They were brewery cats to kill the rats trying to get into the sacks containing the malt,” says Victor.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's the weekend

Dad uses squirrel to remove daughter's tooth

Utilising a length of dental floss with attached granola, David Freiheit enlists the help of a wild squirrel in a Montreal park to remove his daughter's loose tooth.

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Man arrested again for hiding under vehicles and touching women's feet

A man who police in Lincoln, Nebraska, have again accused of hiding under a parked vehicle and touching a woman's foot to satisfy his fascination says he is sorry to the women involved in these encounters. Jesse M. Johnson, 20, was arrested and ticketed on suspicion of disturbing the peace in connection with an incident at an Aldi parking lot. “I just have this weird addiction and odd behaviour,” Johnson said on Wednesday night. “I don’t know why.”

A 48-year-old woman told police she was leaving the store at around 5:30pm on Tuesday when she noticed a running car parked next to hers, which stuck her as odd, Capt. Jeri Roeder said. As she got to her vehicle, the woman felt a hand reach out from under the vehicle and grab her ankle, Roeder said. She screamed and a man rolled out from under the vehicle and ran off, Roeder said. Police found the suspect, identified as Johnson, at the Kohl's store nearby and took him jail. Johnson disputed the police's account and said he didn’t touch the woman’s foot or make any physical contact with her.

“I was hiding under the vehicle simply for the visual,” Johnson said. This is the third such incident he's been accused of being involved in this year, according to police. Johnson said doesn’t mean to scare the woman involved in these cases and he has never tried to hurt them, he said. But police worry that a similar incident could escalate. "Some of these people never move beyond what they’re doing, similar to window peekers," Roeder said. "And some, you know, graduate on to bigger and worse things. "It’s always concerning whether he’s going to do something more serious.”

He was ticketed by police on June 16 after a woman reported a hand reaching out from under her car and trying to grab her leg in an apartment complex parking lot. Johnson had been out of jail only two days after being jailed for seven days connected to another incident on March 21 at a Lincoln Wal-Mart. That case remains pending. City prosecutors are seeking jail time this time after a judge fined Johnson $150 for a similar incident from June 2015 at TJ Maxx. Johnson said he has sought help in the past and was seeing a counsellor in 2014 before financial issues made continued treatment unaffordable. He hopes to find affordable counseling before he gets into further trouble. Asked if he thinks it will happen again, Johnson said: “If I get the help that I need, no.”

Police introduce its new 'porn sniffing dog'

Law enforcement officers use K-9s and their keen sense of smell to help them find drugs, locate missing people and help solve arson investigations. Now Utah police have a K-9 to find child pornography. On Tuesday, the Weber County Sheriff's Office introduced URL, pronounced Earl, as the latest addition to their fight against child pornography.

"He'll definitely find it. He has an incredible nose," URL's handler, detective Cameron Hartman, a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, said. URL is the state's first electronic detection K-9. With a few simple commands like "seek" and "show me," URL is able to find small electronic devices, SD cards, SIM cards, USB sticks, thumb drives and other items.

He can also detect large devices such as cellphones, iPads and tablets. URL is trained to smell common chemicals found in devices that store electronic media, such as pictures and videos. Although he cannot specifically tell which devices contain child pornography, his main use will be to find small electronic devices that child pornographers may try to hide, thus earning URL the nickname the "porn dog." URL has already been used to assist investigators serving search warrants in two task force cases, and he was able to find hidden devices at another house, Hartman said.

YouTube link.

Although his main duties for now will be in child pornography cases, Hartman said URL can be used to find any type of evidence stored on electronic memory devices and could be used in the future to find contraband, such as smuggled cellphones, in the Weber County Jail. The playful 17-month-old black Labrador was actually twice given up by families to shelters before ending up with a law enforcement career, he said. "A few families kind of gave up on him and probably didn't realise the gift that he has, because he has an incredible nose," Hartman said. URL went through six months of training as a puppy in Indiana before he was taken to Utah.

Man named Mr Gambles has won lottery for the second time using the same numbers

Chicago man Larry Gambles has won the lottery for the second time, using the same numbers.

Mr Gambles, of Matteson, won a $1,050,000 Lucky Day Lotto jackpot prize when his ticket matched all five numbers, 01-06-12-14-25, in the June 7 draw.

"Nine years ago, I won $50,000 playing the numbers from the jerseys of my high school basketball team," Mr Gambles said. "I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since. I can’t believe they paid off again."

Mr Gambles, 65, a retired school administrator, plans to share the winnings with his family and friends. Mr Gambles' advice to other lottery players is to pick your favourite numbers and stick with them. "It worked for me," he added.

Man charged after 'unauthorised' surgery to remove another man's testicle in motel room

A man from New South Wales, Australia, has been charged after allegedly performing unauthorised surgery to remove the left testicle of a financially desperate man. Allan George Matthews, 56, from Glen Innes in the Northern Tablelands, was not a qualified nor registered doctor, police said.

However, earlier this year, he allegedly answered an online ad from a 52-year-old Port Macquarie man who was asking for assistance with a medical issue. It is understood that the 52-year-old did not have the money to seek proper medical help and so was looking for alternative solutions. It is not clear if he was aware that Mr Matthews was unqualified.

In a statement released on Friday, police said the pair met on May 16 at a motel in Port Macquarie, where the surgery took place. A week later, a wound sustained during the procedure had worsened, so the 52-year-old was forced to go to hospital. "Police from Mid North Coast Local Area Command were notified and an investigation commenced," the statement said. Officers arrested Mr Matthews at his home on Thursday.

They charged him with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and possessing a restricted substance.They seized medical equipment, electronic equipment, seven firearms, and four bottles of liquid believed to be amyl nitrate. Mr Matthews, a member of a Glen Innes pistol club, was also charged with not keeping his firearms safe. All the items seized will undergo forensic examinations. Mr Matthews was granted conditional bail and is due to appear in Port Macquarie Local Court on July 13.

Woman fined for throwing half-eaten pork chop at paramedics

A woman in Australia's Northern Territory has been fined after two paramedics were hit with a half-eaten pork chop as they tried to convince her to stop sitting in the middle of the road. It's not clear why the 21-year-old was apparently eating the meat at 4.40am on an inner-city Darwin street.

The paramedics were on their way back to the station from another job when they noticed the woman, apparently drunk, sitting in the road north-east of the city centre. St John's Ambulance Northern Territory operations manager Craig Garraway said they stopped the ambulance but the woman refused to budge. The paramedics were calling police to help when something sailed through the window, hitting one in the face and the other in the arm.

"Now they didn't know what had happened at the time," Mr Garraway said. "They turned the light on and realised she'd thrown a pork chop through the window and hit both of them and fell to the floor." The paramedics then rolled up the window and drove off, leaving police to deal with the "quite abusive" woman. They arrived a short time afterwards and fined the woman for disorderly behaviour in a public place, which carries a $472 penalty.

Both police and paramedics warned that assaulting a public officer was a serious crime but in this case Mr Garraway said the officers found the incident "very amusing in the end". "They're in good spirits and they think it's quite funny," he said. "These things unfortunately happen quite regularly, not so much pork chops being thrown. It was a waste of a pork chop, and I suppose the question is, where do you get a pork chop at four o'clock in the morning?" Mr Garraway added.

Entrepreneur plans to open 'Café fellatio' later this year

A firm in Geneva, Switzerland, plans to open a café where customers can enjoy oral sex while they sip their morning coffee. However, not everyone is happy with the idea. The idea for the café has been brewing for several months, Bradley Charvet of the Geneva firm Facegirl said.

Modelled on similar establishments in Thailand, the proposed Geneva café would add a new dimension to the sex trade in the city of the protestant reformer Calvin. The business model would see men ordering a coffee and using an iPad to select a prostitute they want to perform oral sex on them. They would then sit at the bar. “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained.

At 60 Swiss francs (€55, £45, $60), with a possible five-franc surplus for a latte macchiato the ‘coffee’ would be the most expensive in Geneva. It would, however, in theory at least, be perfectly within the bounds of the law. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland although it is strictly controlled, with sex trade workers required to have valid permits as part of a bid to fight people trafficking.

In cases where two or more prostitutes operate out of the same premises, the establishment has to be registered as a massage parlour. In 2015, 33 of these parlours were shut down in Geneva for not following the rules. Geneva’s Department for Security and the Economy are now looking at the café plans. Not everyone is happy with the idea though. Grégoire Théry of France’s anti-prostitution group Mouvement du Nid says the idea for a café serving up oral sex would only benefit the men behind the business. The business idea would, in effect, legalise pimping, he said.

Birds of prey are again targetting swimmers' underwear to line their nest

Swimmers at a popular bathing spot in Angus, Scotland, are again suffering the indignity of having their underwear stolen while they are in the water, the thieves using them to line their nest. The birds of prey have a record of stealing some of the more personal items of clothing swimmers leave on the rocks beside the gorge.

Gamekeeper Dave Clement last year found that a pair of red kites on his estate at Gannochy in Glen Esk near Edzell had stolen pants and socks from a popular local wild swimming spot, to to use in the building of their nest. The discovery was unearthed after he called RSPB officials to have the kites’ young ringed and recorded and the garments were spotted in the nest, perched high in a larch tree.

Now, following another successful ringing operation in 2016, more socks and pants have been found in the kites’ nest, along with four chicks. Dave Clement, member of the Angus Glens Moorland Group, said it appeared that the Kites had become more discerning in 2016, choosing branded undergarments.

“The licences ringer who went up the tree to the nest said there were Armani pants and another brand as well as socks, which they must have pinched off the swimmers at the local gorge. It seems they will take anything to line the nest, then lay the eggs on top, and someone must have gone home minus some underwear. It is clearly working because a nest is very successful. Last year there were two chicks, now it’s four, and there is clearly plenty of food for them on the estate.” he said.

Mock mayor says he's scared to leave his home because of revenge-seeking seagulls

Gulls are attacking sheltered housing residents as soon as they leave their homes in Barton, Gloucestershire. Mock mayor of Barton, Gordon Barrington and his consort Jackie Hutt say they are set upon by gulls every time they step out of the front door. Mr Barrington, 71, who lives in Charter Court, says he is not the only one the gulls are targeting. Visitors, postmen and people making deliveries also have to ward off the airborne pests. He is now calling for the two gull nests near his property to be removed. The issues come following a barrage of complaints over the birds and attempts to control the population. He said: "Every time I step out my front door I'm attacked. I have to carry an umbrella above my head.

"Every breeding season it starts again. My next door neighbour is also attacked when he goes out. They're a right royal menace outside our flats. They sit and wait for me either side of my front door. I have to poke my head out, and if something comes towards me, I have to duck back in." Mr Barrington said the birds have targeted him ever since he tried to shoo them away on just one occasion. He said the dive-bombing gulls have been attacking him for two years and now he's calling for the feathery attackers to be removed once and for all. Mr Barrington uses a mobility scooter, suffers from arthritis and has no cartilage in his knee caps, which means some days he's unable to outrun the gulls.

That means he is sometimes trapped in his flat whilst he waits for the gulls to disappear before scurrying out. He said he's called Gloucester City Homes, which owns Charter Court, and Gloucester City Council to remove the nests, but has so far got nowhere. Mr Barrington said: "Someone should be sorting out the gull problem - they're an absolute menace. We can't go anywhere without them being around. If I can get something sorted I will be a very happy man. I can't have to be running around like a teenager trying to dodge birds." Gloucester town crier Alan Myatt, who lives nearby, said he is also frequently terrorised by the gulls. He said: "It gets so bad I have to take my red coat off and carry it down the road and put it on around the corner. They look for you."

Nesting seagulls are protected under the Wildlife Act which makes it a criminal offence to remove a wild bird's nest whilst they are breeding. A spokesman for Gloucester City Homes said the safety of its tenants is of great importance, but added: "Public nuisance and damage, though frustrating for our tenants, are not sufficient legal reason under the act to allow for or warrant removal of a nest. Only where the threat to public health is severe can it be permissible to non-lethally remove a nest, and to our knowledge this is not the situation. Gloucester City Council would be responsible for evaluating this and carrying out such actions were it found to be necessary or if the public health threat increases. We will however look at the locations of the nests, once nesting season has passed, and see what actions can permissibly and legally be taken to prevent further nesting occurring in future years."

There's a most peculiar video featuring Mr Barrington and his consort Ms Hutt contemplating the gull problem here.